Spam and Virus Filtering

For Email



Attitude Online SPAM and virus filtering is now available to provide you with the capability to filter your email account to remove unwanted unsolicited junk mail and potential viruses prior to receiving them.

Attitude Online SPAM and virus filtering filters incoming email as it is received prior to placing it in your mailbox.

Our SPAM and virus filtering is a service, therefore no software is required to be loaded on your computer, eliminating potential software problems and end user maintenance and upgrades.

Our service is available to every Attitude Online customer using an Attitude Online email account. We can also filter email for your domain if you own your domain and are hosting it with Attitude Online.

Attitude Online SPAM and virus filtering provides you with access to Attitude Online's Anti Spam Message Center, which is where your unwanted email, and potential viruses are quarantined. You have the option to deliver email that has been quarantined that you would like to receive, delete all the email in the quarantine, or do nothing and have the Message Center automatically remove the unwanted messages when they reach 14 days old.

The Message Center is customizable to your tastes, allowing you to modify how aggressively to treat potential junk email, and an allowed senders list to permit email to be received from a specific email address no matter what it contains. It also has a blocked senders list so you can block an address you do not wish to receive mail from.

Attitude Online SPAM and virus filtering can be started within 24 hours of ordering.

Attitude Online SPAM and virus filtering has no long term commitment or setup fees.

For more information, contact Attitude Online at 1-800-466-4651 or email