DSL Speed Comparison



The DSL speed comparison table shows the approximate download times for a file such as a video clip that is 4mb in size.



DSL Speed Comparison

for a 4mb file

Technology Download Speed Upload Speed Download Time* Upload Time*
T1  1.5Mbps 1.5Mbps 25 Seconds 25 Seconds
1.1Mb SDSL 1.1Mbps 1.1Mbps 33 Seconds 33 Seconds
768Kbps SDSL 768Kbps 768Kbps 49 Seconds 49 Seconds
384Kbps SDSL 384Kbps 384Kbps 1.6 Minutes 1.6 Minutes
192Kbps SDSL 192Kbps 192Kbps 3.3 Minutes 3.3 Minutes
768Kbps ADSL 768Kbps 384Kbps 49 Seconds 1.6 Minutes
384Kbps ADSL 384Kbps 128Kbps 1.6 Minutes 5 Minutes
128Kbps IDSL 128Kbps  128Kbps  5 Minutes 5 Minutes
Cable 768Kbps 128Kbps 49 Seconds 5 Minutes
ISDN 128Kbps 128Kbps 5 Minutes 5 Minutes
56k Modem 56Kbps 28.8Kbps 10 Minutes 21 Minutes
28.8K Modem 28.8Kbps 28.8Kbps 21 Minutes 21 Minutes

 * Times are approximate and may vary due to general Internet congestion, line quality and other conditions out of Attitude Online's control.